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    Bombay Style Irani Hotel
    The home of authentic Parsi cuisine.
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    Chana Masala
    Nothing like a spicy Chana Masala to titillate your palate.
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    Cup of Coffee
    Kick off your day with coffee, Indian style.
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    Crispy fried Egg rolls
    Bite in to it's crispiness & plunge in to it's juicy center.
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    Special Pav Bhaji
    Savor the flavor of desi style Pav Bhaji.

What Diners are to New York, Irani Hotels are to Mumbai

Offering Indian cuisine and warm hospitality in a desi style.

Pav bhaji
Paneer Masala
Tea cutting

Fido's Cafe is a casual Indian style diner

A small homely café – Fido’s Café is the brain child of Fido, a Parsi hailing from India. Fido always wanted to bring the very popular and rich Parsi Cuisine on the U.S. platter. The journey has begun with Fido setting up his own café serving Kathi Rolls and Mumbai comfort food. He plans to expand his small café to a fully fledged Parsi Hotel.


You can savor on the Parsi delicacies even in the wee hours of the morning. Open until the late hours, Fido’s Café’s Hospitality will mesmerize you and you would love to come over and over again – that is our promise. Bring on your friends and family to enjoy Indian Style dinner in New York and cherish the times you have spent in India. Presently in New York,New Jersey, Central Jersey.